About Us

WashingtonShitoRyuAcademyLogoWashington Shito Ryu Academy was founded by Sensei Charles Creech.

Washington Shito Ryu Academy teaches Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu-Kai which is a prominent style of Shito-ryu karate. The ancient art of Karate offers a unique opportunity to develop self-awareness, to master new skills, and to develop both physical and emotional control. The skills and attitudes you acquire will help you in all aspects of life. Although students compete against each other Karate training is more of a competition with oneself and students proceed at their own pace. The environment is ideal for those who love physical activity but shy away from the pressures often associated with team sports.

At Washington Shito Ryu Academy, we welcome all ages and abilities.


Our mission is to provide innovative and practical tools (courses of instruction) whereby our members and clients can access wellness and adopt healthy living practices.

Our Core Values

TRUST -We believe that we must first trust ourselves and each other to accomplish our goals in life.
CHARACTER – We believe that character is the primary ingredient that allows one to get to know oneself.
RESPECT – We believe that one must recognize the humanity in all other beings in order to benefit from live experiences.
COURAGE – We believe that it takes courage to open yourself up to the goodness that is possible within yourself.
PRACTICE – We believe that practice is essential to seeking anything that is of value in this life.
PERSEVERANCE – We believe that you one must steadfastly follow their core values with passion and conviction.
HARD WORK – We believe that developing a work ethic built on hard work is essential to success.
ACHIEVEMENT – We believe that all true achievement is the culmination of these values added to a huge dose of commitment.
INTEGRITY – We act honestly and ethically with each person, our students, and the larger community.
EXCELLENCE – We consciously set high standards and take steps to achieve them.
RESPECT – We create a kind, honest, and respectful environment that welcomes everyone and encourages all to grow.
COMMUNITY – We foster open and constructive communication and interactions with one another to support growth and self-enhancement.
GROWTH – We continuously seek to improve ourselves in an effort to become better people, instructors, and learners.
COMPETITION– Learning to compete is an important step in life.

Washington Shito Ryu Academy
8615 29th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126
Email: info@washitoryuacademy.com

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